Development blockchain services
We are specialized in research and development in the field of blockchain technology.
Based on various practical experiences, we are producing blockchain solutions suitable for your business.

Hybrid Exchange

Centralized Exchange + Decentralized Exchange, DEX

· The convenience of centralization The stability of decentralization!
· Direct management of assets without entrusting them to the exchange.
· P2P transaction between users.
· Relatively safe from hacking.
· Fast transaction speed.
·Solving the fee problem.

We provide the best service.

Centralized (general cryptocurrency) or decentralized (P2P) and mixed can be developed.

Cold Wallet

Support GU-ID-based authentication service to compensate for the hacking vulnerability of Hot Wallet.


Research in various fields of decentralized financial services.(staking, derivatives,wallets etc.)


Develop an integrated NFT trading market based on ERC-20,BSC, and KCT with art and content exchange platforms.

Additional service

Strategy consulting

Tailored plans to build and accelerate the ecosystem and serve as a bridge.

White paper

Produce multiple languages that can be used to attract investment and policy funding.


After analyzing the promotion targets, customized video production and marketing.


Responsive website creation that automatically optimizes design according to device saize.

Team members

SiHoon Lee

Chair Man

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Project Progress Guide



Burjd Lab's service description.Identifying client requirements.


Proforma provided.

Based on the pre-meeting,We provide customized plans and estimates.


Preparation and deposit of a contract.

Prepare a contract and start development.


Service production and development.

Develop and produce services with customized plans from the planning stage.


Open and after-sales service.

After the client checks, the best results are delivered.

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